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No Pink Tulle, please - Gender neutral clothes!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The unisex trend has been on the rise and is a biggie in the kid's world now.

The demand comes from more and more parents who wants to raise their kids free from predefined gender roles and stereotypes.

Whether we want to believe it or not, our dress code affects how other people treat us as well as our activity. If we are dressed in tulle dresses everyday, we might not be able to climb as much as if we were dressed in active wear.

This trend is also inline with a sustainable lifestyle and allows people to stock up high quality clothes that can be reused between the siblings regardless of the gender.

Unisex doesn't mean monochrome and boring. It doesn't mean no pink and blue. It means that every child can wear every color and style regardless of their gender.


Still, I have to admit, even though I consider myself a rather progressive person when it comes to gender equality, I am very much a girly girl when it comes to dress code. So, I have always liked to dress my daughters in girly dresses and my son in suit and tie. While I still had the influence over their dress code, that is.

I remember when my nephew saw my daughters‘ bride-maids dress (in the early 00s). They were both three and my daughter had the privilege of wearing a wonderful dress, full of frills and flowers while he had to put on the normal dark boy suit . Both absolutely adorable but not hard to guess who got more attention during the wedding. I am not so proud of my reaction when the boy asked me if he could try the dress on because he found it so beautiful. No! We laughed – this dress is for girls. Well, that was almost 20 years ago and lots of things have changed and if the boy wants to wear the dress, allow him! Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating that you all go out and buy dresses for your boys - but if you want it, just do it.


The bottom line is really to embrace the children and their play! Let them be little and dress them so they feel comfy - but a little style has never harmed anyone, therefore we are happy with the styles our brands have - and for the little girly girl out there that only wants tulle and dresses, we also have the outfit for you!

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