Every Day PICK

Every Day PICK

Price Options
One-time purchase
The kids grow but not their clothes
CHF49.00monthly/ 6 months
The kids grow but not their clothes
CHF39.00monthly/ 12 months
The kids grow but not their clothes
CHF59.00monthly/ auto-renew

Our PICK mixed with up to 9 new and preloved items that can be mixed and matched:

-3 bottoms 

-6 tops (or 3 tops and 3 rompers for under 18 months)

-Cardigan or a sweat shirt

-socks & tights to match the outfits




  • Customize your PICK

    Don't forget to fill out the quiz so we can customize your PICK.

  • Buying a box?

    We hope you will like everything we send you - but we also know that we might sometimes not pick the right style or size - therefore we make return very simple for you.

    Asteraki offers free return of PICKs within 10 days from the delivery and full refund. 

    Please note that if you return the whole box,  15 CHF of the price is a service fee and is non refundable.

    When your child outgrows the clothes, we guarantee buy back, learn more about it here

  • Renting the box?

    Our renting service is very flexible. 

    Choose the subscription plan that fits you. The RENTAL PICK will be with you within a week from the order.

    Swap When your little one outgrows the clothes you send us a request for the next size and send the small clothes back. The delivery is always free and there is no limit on how often you can swap while your have an active subscription.

    Wear The rental includes insurance for wear and tear so you don't need to worry about the mess.

    Return  please return the old clothes within a week from receiving a new PICK or after cancellation. 

    Wash  The clothes are professionally washed and sanitised when you return them ready to be loved again.

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