Asteraki rental service

-our commitment to zero waste fashion continues

We are happy to introduce our flexible rental service.

Couldn't be easier - and we offer the service from newborns till 6 years old.


Choose the subscription plan that fits you. The RENTAL PICK will be with you within a week from the order.

Click on the arrow below to view the PICKs and different Plans.


Make it yours - tell us your style and preferences by doing the Asteraki Quiz

Click on the Arrow below to start the quiz.


When your little one outgrows the clothes you send us a request for the next size and send the small clothes back. 

Click on the arrow below to swap.

You don't need to worry about life's messy moment - the rental plan includes insurance for wear.

Please return the old clothes within a week from receiving a new PICK or after cancellation. 

The clothes are professionally washed and sanitised when you return them ready to be loved again.