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When you buy our PICKs you will receive wonderful ecofriendly clothes from sustainable supply chain. As a ecological brand we support reuse of our clothes.

When your child has outgrown the clothes, trade them in for 30% of the price.

We wash them, repair or repurpose, and then supply them as recycled clothes.

We only supply the best clothes you will ever buy. All our brands are carefully selected and are the most fashionable ones that also comply with sustainability requirements. Comfort and style is important to us, so we always choose items that the little ones will love to wear and their parents love to instagram. 

Our brands also have clothes that are meant to last - we encourage you to buy better items and hand them down between kids. 

As parents, we also know that it can be difficult to find places to hand down items. Therefore we want to offer you to send them back. 

When you trade the items in, the pay back is decided based on the reselling price and the state of the item but it is usually around 30% of the price. 

Just press the button here and we will email you instructions if you wish to trade in clothes.