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Zero waste - repair - reuse - recycle

Our brands offer clothes that are meant to last - we encourage you to buy better items and hand them down between kids. 

When you buy our PICKs you will receive wonderful ecofriendly clothes from sustainable supply chain. 
We wash them, repair or repurpose, and then supply the preloved items.
So, at the time your child outgrows the clothes, we guarantee buying them back.

Good as NEW

 Doesn't show any signs of wear and tear.

Store Credit 50%

Slightly Worn

Used but with good care, shows signed of being worn but without any tear or stains.

Store Credit 40%

Needs Care

Might have small tear or stains - needs repair or stain washing.

Store Credit 20%

Needs new purpose

The garment has wear & tear that cannot be fixed.

Store Credit 5-10%