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Anything you bought from Asteraki can be traded back for a store credit!

We also buy back items you bought from somewhere else but we only buy back sustainable brands, so please check with us before - and note we don't take any highstreet brands (H&M, ZARA, GAP etc.)

How much will I get?

When we receive your clothes, we evaluate them and based on the condition of the garments we calculate your share. See the table below for reference.

The resale price of the clothes is based on the market value. As a rule of thumb, a second hand item in good as new condition would be sold up to 50% of a new price.

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NEW or good as new

 Doesn't show any signs of wear and tear.

Store Credit 50%

Slightly Worn

Used but with good care, shows signed of being worn but without any tear or stains.

Store Credit 40%

Needs Care

Might have small tear or stains - needs repair or stain washing.

Store Credit 20%