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Hey there

I am Gudrun Rebekka, the owner and founder of Asteraki. An Icelandic mother of four.


In 2011 I moved to Switzerland to continue my project management carrier in pharma.


As a working parent, I found it difficult and time consuming to find kids clothes that were both stylish and comfortable without harming the environment.


Coming from Iceland, I missed the Nordic style where children are dressed according to their personality - all comfy and in line with the weather as well. I love how curious, playful and honest kids are and their clothes should compliment their activities -  not the other way around.


In 2018, I decided to leave my corporate job in pharmaceutical and focus on my passion for nice things as well as sustainable living.


My mission is to offer parents an easy solution by sending monthly or quarterly picks of good quality kids clothes from ethical brands.


My hope is that you will love our picks as much I do. Asteraki works with the most wonderful suppliers from Europe, that offer good quality clothes that not only look good but come from a supply chain where no one suffered making them.


Join Asteraki and receive regular picks of style and comfort right to your doorstep.  

Asteraki is based in Zug, Switzerland and listed in the Company registar: CHE-387.646.654