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Kids at home?

How are you keeping up with kids at home? Are you trying to juggle childcare with your own job, whether you have a home office or need to go out. Perhaps you were a full time parent before and have now taken up a new role as a home school teacher - and to make things a bit more crowded at home, your partner has a home office.

This is definitely adding some strain to the families, but for many this can also mean quality time. Time we usually don't have. Often we are too busy doing so we loose focus on what we like to do. I have enjoyed taken my 13 year old out for walks, half hour every day after he has done his homework, and somewhere between tidying the kitchen before cooking or baking again. The conversations we have during our walks are priceless!

There is sense of sadness and grief around. Many of us miss our parents and kids misses their grandparents. We miss siblings and adult kids that don't live with us. We can be grateful for technology such as Facetime / Skype / Zoom, which helps us feeling closer to the love ones.

But there is also hope. We are all in this together. We will win this virus, we have the tools to do so. First of all , we should not allow it to use us as vectors, stay away, no cuddling & handshake, let's protect others and stay 2 m away - and of course the most important thing is what our grandmothers told us to do when we came in from playing - wash the hands!

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