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Wool and wool care

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Wool is a wonderful material and has been keeping us warm for centuries. Many people are reluctant to have wools in their wardrobes because they think it is difficult to care for.

That is usually unnecessary worries because wools are usually easy to maintain.

We stock two types of wool, Merino and Alpaca.

Merino wool is soft to touch and has many wonderful characteristics. It keeps you warm during colder months, but it also keeps you dry because it draws the sweat away from the skin and retain the moisture, so the garment still feels dry. Due to this feature, merino wool can be worn during warmer months as well.

Alpaca wool is very strong and resilient and at the same time soft and light. It is an extremely effective insulator during winter and breathes effectively to keep you cool in warmer months. Also, Alpaca wool is very allergy friendly and therefore an attractive alternative to sensitive skin because it bears no lanolin.

Wool care

Many types of wool has anti-bacterial properties in the finer and will self-clean. Therefore it doesn’t need to be washed as often as other fibres.

Try to hang it out instead of washing, just to refresh the garment.

Spot clean the garment if only a small area needs to be cleaned. Try not to use to strong detergent.

When washing the wool, keep an eye on the temperature and wash at max. 30°C inn a gentle wool wash or delicate cycle (very low spin). Washing the wool at high temperature or high spin, will cause pillage, felting and shrinkage. Masching wash is preferred over hand wash because stable temperature is important. WE recommend using wool soap, and no bleach, softeners or soap with bleach. Hair shampoo can also been used whereas that is designed for natural fibres. Never use the tumbler, and flat dry the garment on a towel to absorb any extra moisture. Be careful to reshape the clothes while wet. Knitted garments are very heavy while wet, so hanging them will cause them to stretch and being pulled out of shape.

We hope you enjoy your wool!

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