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Still here - everyday!

For us, the online shop keepers, these few weeks have almost been business as usual. Almost. We have continued to ship your orders quickly and safely with the Swiss Post.

Even though we love getting more orders, we have also heard concerns from customers about the safety of receiving post orders. Of course it is difficult to know for sure if anyone who has come to contact with your delivery has Covid19, and it is really uncertain if that matters at all. To date we haven't heard of anyone's infections being traced to post delivery.

We do what we can to pack the orders in the most hygienic way and as always we keep our deliveries plastic free (apart from tapes). We always wrap all our clothes in tissue paper, there is some evidence that the virus could live up to 3 days on plastic but only 24 hours on paper / cardboard*. Therefore, when you get your delivery, the inside is a very unlikely source of infection. I also want to reiterate that we never prepare a delivery without having taken proper hygienic measures of hand wash (valid now and before the outbreak).


We are also doing our utmost to limit the number of returns, and are now offer our customers 25% discount if they keep all the items from the PICK. Of course we still accept returns, and we have extended the time limit for returns.

When you get your delivery you can quickly unwrap the outer layer and then wash your hands before opening the tissue paper with your delicate clothes in.

For extra protection, you could gently wash the clothes before dressing your little one in their new outfit.

If you don't like everything in your PICK but decide to keep it, to get the discount and avoid the return, we urge you to donate the unwanted item so it will come to good use.

We continue to be here for you, so you can stay safe at home. Take care and thank you for being here for us.


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