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The circular economy and us

My son went to school wearing a coat I bought for his sister almost a decade ago. I remember when I bought it how, with her eyes filled up with tears, she tried to convince me that she really needed a good coat. And that the 500 CHF was really a bargain for a coat being used by a ten year old. Of course, she was totally right, this purchase has really proven to be a bargain for both me and the planet. She used the coat for couple of years, until she totally outgrew it. Then it waited for her brother who has now used it for another set of seasons and it is still growing strong.


We all know this, most of my kids clothes have been hand-me-downs and I do my share of handing down clothes. Still, unless you are lucky enough to have besties with kids around your kids' age, and with the perfect age gap, it is often difficult to find ways to get your preloved items in good use. And it is also equally difficult to find good preloved items to buy.


It is a shocking fact that the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on the planet. We can do our part by buying better items, such as organic cotton. One kilogram of conventional cotton needs approx 10.000 liters of water to grow.

But the production and buying is only part of the issue, we own two times more items today than 15 years ago, and we get rid of them faster. This means loads of items ending in a landfill or being burnt and therefore polluting our environment.

Do you have preloved items from brands we stock, or other sustainable brands? If so, we are happy to buy them off you. Check it out by clicking here and join us to help build a circular economy.

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